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What You Need To Know:

If you want to be productive & efficient you must embrace the power of scheduling your tasks! You have two main tools that help you do this: your to-do list and your calendar. You can use the Luxe.Life Online calendar, google calendar, an offline calendar or any other calendar as long as it’s recent and plans for 12 months in advance. For tasks you can use Luxe.Life also, or a journal. I use a combination of the Luxe.Life Online Calendar & To-Do List, and a Beautiful Journal with extra tasks and notes. Your to-do list is the place where you define and organize what you’re going to do. Your calendar is used to identify when you’re going to do those things and how much time is needed to complete them. When you schedule appointments in your calendar, you’re saying to yourself: “I’m going to do A, B and C by X date and it’s going to take Y hours.”  Once you make this promise, it becomes harder to procrastinate, and procrastination is = failure. You will find you are less impulsive as you’ve planned out your time. When you’re less impulse, you’re more productive and that’s our goal. When you place all tasks you want to do on your calendar, it is harder to forget to do things. This is why I plan out my weekends. Even though weekends are treated as time off, I schedule time for chores and different errands to remind myself to do various jobs. By having your schedule at the top of your mind, your calendar acts as a filter against distractions. If someone comes up to you while you’re working, you can ask them to come back later when you’ve finished a scheduled piece of work, or you can go to a designated work space that’s free of all distractions. When you know that you have a set amount of scheduled time to do something, it allows you to stay focused so you can get everything done within a specific time. If you don’t, you’re going to have to reschedule everything, and rescheduling = procrastination.



Take a brief moment to think about everything you want to-do.  Personal, Business Life, Social Life & Spending Time with Family. Think about everything goal you want to accomplish and what tasks it will take to accomplish them.


It’s time to get your thoughts together and start making your schedule. Take your time with this action and make sure you get everything, although you’re creating an evolving schedule you don’t want to change it all the time.

  1. Write down your daily personal tasks ( like brushing your teeth, working out, & eating )
  2. Write down your daily business tasks ( like checking emails,  updating social media, & managing forms and content )
  3. Write down your weekly household task ( like cleaning, laundry, &  dishes)
  4. Write down your weekly business tasks ( like creating content, managing users, &  managing finances)
  5. Write down 3 Personal Tasks for the Week. These should be three things you enjoy should last a min of an hour. It’s important to take time for yourself, no matter how busy your schedule is.
  6. Write down all of your Monthly tasks, so Business & Personal and other Random tasks you have to pencil in.
  7. Write down your personal goals for the next 3 months.
  8. Write down your business goals for the next 3 months.
  9. Write down all the tasks it will take to accomplish your personal goals.
  10. Write down all the tasks it will take to accomplish your business goals.

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