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Finished Planning Your Schedule?

Now that you’re done planning your schedule here are some tips to help you manage your schedule long term.


  1. Update your Schedule every 3 months or more depending on how your life changes. Updating your schedule keeps you from becoming static or bored, and helps you keep up with your progress. As you accomplish one goal and replace it with another, analyze your schedules new tasks and manage your time accordingly.
  2. Plan in vacations & family time! When you update your schedule think about your stress level, and upcoming holidays. Make sure to block off time specifically for family, and time specifically for yourself.
  3. Always update goals! If you accomplish one goal, fill in another. If you ever feel like you have no goals to accomplish, re-evaluate your blog or business plan, create new goals, and then put them in your schedule. You are not complacent!
  4. Change the plan, never the goal! If you haven’t accomplished your short term goal in the time allotted, it’s time to rethink the plan! Never give up on a goal because you didn’t accomplish it, write a list of everything you could have done better, cleaner and more informative…. then do that!


Plan your future schedule!

  1. Write down you goals for the next six months.
  2. Write down goals for the next year.
  3. Break down your 6 months goals in tasks. Do those tasks align with the ones you’re doing now? Are these goals really the next logical step from the goals I have now?
  4. Write down your logical goals for the next 6 months.
  5. Write down your logical goals for the next year.


Thanks for taking this mini-course! I hope you enjoyed this 1-2 hour course and you planned a wonderful, effective, and productive schedule! If you have any questions about your schedule, or choosing goals press “contact teacher” and I’ll get back with you in 48 hours or less.

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