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The Luxe Life | How to grow your Brand as a Brand Ambassador. (Live Class Starts April 22, 2019)
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How to grow your Brand as a Brand Ambassador. (Live Class Starts April 22, 2019)

Do you love trying new products? Enjoy communicating and connecting with new and exciting brands and people? Do you get excited about new brands and opportunities? If so, you probably have what it takes to make a sizeable side income as a brand ambassador.

So what exactly is a brand ambassador? GC Marketing Services explains it like this:

“A Brand Ambassador is someone who, at the most basic level, represents a brand in a positive way. It is the duty of a Brand Ambassador to express the message of a company to consumers or people who would gain something from learning about the brand being advertised.”

Most people are already promoting their favorite brands online by tweeting about them, posting pictures on Instagram, and tagging them in content on Facebook. If you love a brand or product, why not get paid to share the love? If you’re interested in learning how you can make money online by sharing the products you love then this course is for you!In this course, you’ll learn how to set up your online presence as a brand ambassador, choose a niche and connect to your audience, find relevant brands and products in your niche, create content to grow your personal brand, and how to make money promoting your favorite products on social media!

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What is a Brand Ambassador, and how do they make Money Online?

In this lesson, you’ll learn more about what a brand ambassador is, what the expectations of the position are, and how you can make money on social media as a brand ambassador. From this lesson, you’ll learn if being a brand ambassador is right for you, how you would like to connect with your audience and plan how much you would like to make monthly.

Choosing a Niche, Your Brand Theme, and Setting Yourself up as a Brand Ambassador!

What is a niche and how do you find one? To promote to your target market you’ll first have to find them, present yourself to them, and learn how to connect with them. In this lesson that’s exactly what we’ll do! You’ll learn how to choose a targeted niche, find ways to connect with people in your niche, choose a theme for your content, set yourself up online as a brand ambassador, and choose a brand ambassador schedule.

Finding Relevant Brand and Products to Promote!

Once you have yourself set up as a brand ambassador it’s time to create some content, and start promoting online! To do this you’ll need to find relevant brands and products to connect with that align with your niche. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to promote brands you already love, find targeted brand and products for your niche, and how to promote products on different social channels.

How to Sell without being Salesy!

Of course, you want to make money online, but you don’t want people avoiding your social pages because they seem like one long and never-ending ad. We’ve all seen it on social media, someone peddling a product so hard that it actually causes you to doubt that the product is any good at all! Those tactics are what you’ll learn to avoid! In this lesson, you’ll learn tips and tricks to promote products online and convert your promotion into sales without annoying everyone of your social feeds.

Growing your Personal Brand as a Brand Ambassador!

Now that you have a taste of being a Brand Ambassador are you looking forward to collaborating with your favorite influencers and brands, going to fun industry parties, and enjoying the BA perks? Well, you have to keep developing your personal brand to get to that point. In this lesson, you’ll learn more about the opportunities involved with being a Brand Ambassador and how to grow your brand to increase your opportunities.