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Become a Brand Ambassador!

Promote Brands & Get Paid!

Are you interested in growing your brand while collaborating with and creating content for brands you love? Join The Luxe Life Brand Ambassador Masterclass to learn how to monetize the interests you already have, and grow your brand by becoming a Brand Ambassador. The Class starts April 15, 2019.

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Make Money!

Make money from the sales of products you love, and selfies you were already going to post! You’ll learn how you can make money from things you were already doing every day!

Find BRands!

As a Brand Ambassador, you’ll be more exposed to brands giving you the chance to continuously fall in love with different brands, products, and people while growing your own personal brand!


Being a Brand Ambassador is more than just another side gig, it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in your niche, become an authority of information in your niche, and create a passive income.

What’s in the Master Class?

What is A Brand Ambassador?

Learn more about being a Brand Ambassador, and the different ways you can promote your favorite brands! We’ll teach you what the position requires, what you’ll need to succeed, and how you can grow your personal brand while making money from products you love. 

How do brand ambassadors make money and how will I learn to make money with this Master Class?

You’re already promoting your favorite brands when you post their products in your selfies or rave about them on facebook. We’ll show you how to monetize the traffic you’re already sending to your favorite brands, and how to find new brands to work with. We’ll teach you the top 3 ways brand ambassadors make money and help you choose which ways are best for you!

Creating your online space as a BRand Ambassador.

Working online is difficult when you’re not organized. We’ll teach you how to set-up and organize your online space as a brand ambassador, to help you make more money, but have less stress. Whether you want to collect emails and promote through a mailing list, or want to set-up a blog and promote through blog posts, we’ll help you set up and organize your online space.

How to find and promote brands you love, without being pushy or Salesy!

Most people don’t want to be in sales because they don’t want people to think they are pushy, rude, or salesy. Here’s the thing you don’t have to act like a used car salesman to make sales! You’re not pushing junk that no one wants, you’re promoting brands you love and you know you’re audience will love! We’ll teach you how to understand your following so you can connect with them and make organic sales. 

How to manage your earnings as a Brand Ambassador!

Once you’re promoting the brands you love and getting paid, you have to make sure you’re managing the earning correctly. How much did you spend on props to take pictures with products, how much did you spend on extra equipment if any was needed, how much did you spend on Instagram Ads to help grow your campaign? Being a Brand Ambassador is a business just like any other, and we’ll teach you how to manage your earning to leverage a more successful career. 

How to Collab with your Favorite Brands and grow as Online Entrepreneur!

One of the best thing about being a Brand Ambassador is the content you create! You’re constantly creating new content which helps you remain visible in the constantly updating online world. When you’re promoting brands and products you continuously open yourself up to new markets and new opportunities to grow. We’ll teach you how to leverage these opportunities into collabs with large brands, and how to use them to grow yourself as an online entrepreneur. 

Join The Brand Ambassador Masterclass

MasterClass starts April 15, 2019.

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What People are saying…

For a beginner like me, this course was really helpful to get an idea of what the digital marketing world is all about. Looking forward to get myself trained to do more online.

Khasia Perzynska

Last few days have been like enlightenment to me, not only did I learn to make my first website in 4 hours without any prior knowledge in coding, but I also made $60 in affiliate sales. I’m excited to keep going, and make even more money!

Emmile Velasquez

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